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These are the rules, Please follow them at all times.

1 No swearing

2 No fighting

3 Nothing inappropriate

4 Do not post inappropriate links in chat

5 No personal information

6 No Flooding or spamming. (Random letters and numbers, fghjnbgyuikmskoifujnm)

7 Do not troll or tease other users. Trolling is when you make fun of other users, or do things just to get them upset.

8 No more then 2 rows of capitals.

When these rules are broken. Edit

You will first get ONE warning.

If you fail to stop, you will get kicked (This is where you will be made to leave automatically)

You can then re enter.

If you continue, you will be kicked again.

When you get kicked THREE times in a row, you will be banned, This may range from 1 hour plus, depending on the situation.