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Lucky Day Party Den. Edit

This is how to make a great Lucky Day Party Den.

What you will need. Edit

1 Small House Den.

4 Clover Chairs (These can be bought in the Luck Day Party)

1 Clover Table (Lucky Day Party)

6 or more Clover Patches (Lucky Day Party)

1 Pot O' Gold (Lucky Day Party)

4 Leprechaun Gnomes (Lucky Day Party)

8 Clovers (OPTIONAL) (Lucky Day Party)

2 or more GREEN Sofas, Chairs or Clover Benches (The number will depend on what Sofa you use) I used Clover Benches and Needed 3. (Sofas, chairs and Benches can be bought in Jam Mart Furniture)

1 Clover Fountain ( Jam Mart Furniture)

1 Rainbow Cloud (Diamond Shop) (OPTIONAL)

1 Clover Pond (Lucky Clovers Adventure)

4 Clover Trees (Lucky Clovers Adventure)

1 Horse Shoe Archway (Lucky Clovers Adventure)

1 Clover Dinner Table (Lucky Clovers Adventure)

1 Lucky Fire Place (Lucky Clovers Adventure)

4 Green Mats or Pillows (Jam Mart Furniture)

Gallery Edit


In the Top part of the Garden, Put four Clover Trees along the back fence, then put your Clover Table in the middle, and then put four Clover Chairs, around it, (Add Clover Patches and Clovers randomly around the hole garden)


Put a Pile of Clovers at the edge of your garden.


Put a Lucky Horse Shoe Archway in front of the Doorway, and put one Leprechaun Gnome either side of it. Inside, put your Clover Benches (Or what ever seating you used) just inside the door, (Overlap them if needed) Then put your Table in front of them. Put a Clover Lamp in the corner behind the Chairs. Put a Lucky Scourse On the wall above.


Put a Lucky Fireplace on the Wall, then put four green Mats in a half circle around the front of it. Put two Lucky Scources on the wall above and to the side of it.


On the Patio, Put a Clover Pond in the middle of the stone Patio, with a Clover Fountain in the middle of it. Next put one Leprechaun Gnome, on the grass either side of it. To the side of the den on the grass, put a Pot O' Gold.


Next you can add Wallpaper, I used Beta Red Brick Walls, and Beta Tan Carpet (Use Brown Tile if you don't have Tan Carpet, and any other Wallpaper.