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Here are some tested Clan Den Warrior (cats) Designs. Please note; These are 'closed' warrior dens.. They have a roof, or top. Whatever you want to call it. Not like Madjasterxyz's dens. These are also in Small houses, so it'd be crowded natrually. Let's get on with it, shall we.

Things you'll need for the Builds.Edit

Leader Den - I like to use Bunny Statues for my builds so.. You'll need four of those for my design, and a Boomseed tree found in the Meet Cosmo adventure.

Medicine Cat Den - Bunny statues are ideal for it as well. You'll need two if you wish to make the den like the Warriors, Apprentice dens Etc. Baby Palm plants, and Cactus are good but keep the Pot non-visible. Also Bamboo Fences. Two mainly.

Warrior Den - Still in Beta phase, but I used the Vine plants from the Sarepia Forest Shop, Bunny statues, and trees. I use trees in most of these Dens, to block the view of Vine pots, and make it look more natural.

Nursery Den - This and Below, I didn't have much resources left. So you can try combinations, and modifications. Please also note; I didn't have much space so I had to improvise this and below. I used Stone Circle, Mats, and Bamboo Fences. Also trees, and one very lucky Bonsai tree thing. The Den looks very unprofessional and I am sorry for that. The elder's den is worse though..

Elder Den - Really horrible design, it was one of the last dens I did. So please, if you've found an alternative. Please post it.

Apprentice Den - Again, a poor design. The last den I completed, and it was hard. Plus, this and above didn't have any room to go outside, or anything. So it had to settle near the High-rock.

High-rock - This High-rock consisted of two Couches (black), Ice cube (optional), a Bamboo Fence and a Fern. Again; making sure to hide the pot..

So basically you'll need; Couches, Plants of all sorts, Bamboo Fences, alot of Bunny Statues and some other stuff listed above.

Also, please note that this was not copied as the owner of this piece rightfully submitted these dens in his own free-will. If you do see this page, or it's contents on another wiki from this one, or this one. Please alert the Owner. (Spirit-Crow)