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The Party Den

Are you looking for instructions on how to make a perfect non member party den? If so, good news! We have the tips and ideas for a fantastic party den! For non members, too!


  • Buy some Scary Balloons, or if they don't sell it, use the Bundle of Balloons!
  • Play the adventure Bitter Sweets to get candy streamers. If you don't have Bitter sweets, you can go to the candy-themed party.
  • Buy the Golden Egyptian Scarab, and two Egyptian Cat statues
  • Put up the World Animal Day Banner
  • Try using the Waffle Cone Display.
  • Spooky Lights would definitely be the way to go along with Jamaaliday Lights
  • Any type of claw would be a good game to play. (You don't have to use it)
  • You can add anything you'd like in the Party Den :D

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