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The santas Workshop, is a easy to make den for members and non members.

All You need is Christmas decorations, Snow Globes Candy cane lights/fences.

A sofa, I used one from the Adventure Bitter Sweets. (Candy shop Sofa)

A Tree (If you're a member)

Bag of gifts,

And toys, You could use Gift Pile, Plushies, Toys, Rocking Horse, Robot, Basket Ball, Anything that looks like an toy really.

Then you put the Sofa/Chair in one half of your den, And put the Bag of Gitfs next to it.

The, You could put your Tree up and decorate it with Lights and Ornaments, And put the toys under it.

Next Decorate it with as much Christmas stuff as you can,

Put in a rug for a finishing touch