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Items RequiredEdit

  1. 4 Clover Rugs
  2. Bongo Drums (Not REALLY needed) 
  3. 2 Tiny Trees (Not REALLY needed also)
  4. Any Chair
  5. Any Table
  6. Any Mat Or Pillow
  7. Any Shoji Screens
  8. Any Windows
  9. Any Streamers
  10. Any Type of Toys/Pile of Presents
  11. Two Any Type Of Rug/Mats
  12. Any Cake



Bunny in the Daycare

You can place the Clover Rugs where the Play Room (Room with table chair and presents) is in the photo. You can make the area with the beds be in the backyard. If you want, you can put it just anywhere you want! Everything is optional.

Make it look as comfy as you like, you can fiddle with the placement of things (do I want the chair on this side of the table or that side?)